VirtualBox Images for Android-x86 - - Ready to use VirtualBox virtual machines for Android-x86. Current versions: Android-x86 1.6, Android-x86 2.2, Android-x86 4.0, Android-x86 4.3 and Android-x86 4.4

ARM vs X86 – Key differences explained! - - Android supports 3 different processor architectures: ARM, Intel and MIPS. The most popular and ubiquitous of these three is, without a doubt, ARM. Intel is well...

Android On Intel x86 Tablet Performance Explored - - For the past few years, Intel has promised that its various low-power Atom-based processors would usher in a wave of low-cost Android and Windows mobile products that...

Android Apps For The Intel Platform Learning Series: NDK and C/C++ Optimization

Android-x86This chapter introduces the Android NDK for C/C++ application development, along with related optimization methods, and optimization tools. Because Java is the recommended application development language for Android developers, the optimization tools presented in previous chapter were mainly for Java. However, C/C++ development shouldn't be excluded from Android app development.

Android Apps For The Intel Platform Learning Series:Performance Optimization for Android Applications on x86

Android-x86Performance optimization is one of the most important goals every application developer wants to pursue. Android is a resource-limited system, and it therefore requires very strict resource utilization. Compared with a desktop system, performance optimization for Android applications is far more critical.

Android Apps For the Intel Platform Learning Series: GUI Design For Android Apps Part 3- Designing Complex Applications

Android-x86In this chapter, you learn how to create an application with multiple activities; examples introduce the explicit and implicit trigger mechanisms of activities. You see an example of an application with parameters triggered by an activity in a different application, which will help you understand the exchange mechanism for the activity’s parameters.

Intel INDE 2015: support of Android OS 5.0 ("Lollipop")

Android-x86Google* has recently released "Lollipop", Version 5.0 of the Android* OS (others may know this OS by its original name, "L-dessert"). Besides significant new features, Lollipop is the first 64-bit capable Android* OS. Intel understands the importance of this major Android* OS release to our customers, and is making support of this OS a top priority.

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