Android-x86 business

  • The Future Of Android-x86 Is In Question

    Android-x86Android-x86 has been an open-source project for the past 7+ years for providing suitable Intel/AMD hardware support for Google's Android operating system. Unfortunately, its project leader may be stepping away. Chih-Wei Huang who co-founded the Android-x86 open-source project in 2009 may be parting ways with it.

  • Intel won't license Atom x86 architecture to other chip vendors

    Android-x86CHIPMAKER Intel will not license its x86 Atom architecture to other chip vendors despite saying it is working hard to optimise Android for the x86 architecture.

  • Android, Powered by Intel

    Android-x86Broadcom, QualComm, Nvidia and TI all have mobile processors for smartphones and tablets, and with good reason.  Gartner estimates that there were 472 million smartphone sales worldwide in 2011 which was a 58% increase from 2010 and for the first time total worldwide smartphone sales surpassed total PCs sold in 2011 according a market analysis by Canalsys.

  • Intel moving fast to improve smartphone chips

    Android-x86IDG News Service - Intel finally entered the smartphone market last month but the company is not sitting still, with plans to quickly release chips that improve performance and power efficiency on smartphones.

  • Here's How Intel Will Move a Step Ahead of ARM

    Android-x86Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) is engaged in a chip war as it attempts to break ARM Holdings' (Nasdaq: ARMH) dominance in mobile-phone chip architecture. While the company plans to charge ahead with its 32-nanometer Medfield chips, it's ramping up factories for the 22-nanometer process, which uses 3-D Tri-Gate Transistors, offering greater performance and efficiency -- ideal for use in smartphones, tablets, and Ultrabooks.

  • Intel CFO: We Can Be a Big Smartphone Player

    Android-x86Intel CFO Stacy Smith has big expectations for the chip giant's nascent smartphone strategy.

  • Intel's CEO on New Smartphone - CNBC

    Android-x86Intel's CEO on New Smartphone - CNBC


  • Intel Expected to Tap ARM's Smartphone Market Share

    Android-x86April 24 (Bloomberg) -- Janardan Menon, an analyst at Liberum Capital, talks about ARM Holdings Plc's first-quarter results, competition from Intel Corp. and the outlook for the computer-software industry. He speaks with Caroline Hyde on Bloomberg Television's "On the Move." (Source: Bloomberg)

  • Intel pushes Atom chip for Android devices

    Android-x86Intel is pushing its low power Atom processor line for Android-powered devices at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing this week. The company delivered a presentation called “Developing and Optimizing Android for Intel Atom Processor-based Mobile Devices.”

  • Intel lays out strategic mobile roadmap

    Android-x86Intel used to talk endlessly about Moore’s Law - doubling the transistors that can be put on an integrated circuit about every two years - as the source of ever-greater benefits for everyone in the PC value chain every two years like clockwork. But Tuesday, fittingly at Mobile World Congress, Intel CEO Paul Otellini in effect declared that the company could no longer wait on Moore’s Law.

  • Intel expected to release smartphone plans next week

    Android-x86Intel Corp. is expected to provide more details next week on its plans to become a key supplier for the smartphone market when wireless industry experts gather for the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Intel: Atom powered smartphones, netbooks to cost $199 to $299

    Android-x86Intel makes processors, not laptops, tablets, or phones. So the company doesn’t actually get to decide what price PC or phone makers will charge for its products — but it can certainly set guidelines.

  • Will You Wait For The Intel Phone And The ARM Notebook?

    Android-x86Intel will try to prove its claims that it can be a powerful manufacturer of processors for smartphones and tablets when its Medfield platform emerges in commercial products in H2 this year. In the same time frame, ARM vendors will release their first notebooks that challenge, conceivably, Intel's most important and profitable business today.

  • ARM and Intel Talk Trash About Each Others' Chances

    Android-x86The war between x86 and ARM is almost upon us - One of the most compelling storylines to emerge from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show was the struggle between ARM and x86, two architectures vying for CPU global domination. 

  • Will 2012 be any different for Intel’s mobile plans?

    Android-x86Intel provided a glimpse of some reference designs for Android smartphones and tablets built off its Medfield mobile chip, which it believes will finally catapult the company into the mobile market in 2012. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Intel has laid out similar plans over the past several yearswith nothing to show for it. ARM-based chips dominate the smartphone and tablet market and have forced Intel to scramble. Will 2012 be any different?