Android-x86 5.1-rc1 (lollipop-x86) - - The Android-x86 project is glad to announce 5.1-rc1 release to public. This is the first release candidate for Android-x86 5.1 (lollipop-x86) stable release. The...

The Android-x86 4.4-r3 released - - The is glad to announce the 4.4-r3 release to public. This is the third stable release Android-x86 4.4 (kitkat-x86). The prebuilt images are available...

VirtualBox Images for Android-x86 - - Ready to use VirtualBox virtual machines for Android-x86. Current versions: Android-x86 1.6, Android-x86 2.2, Android-x86 4.0, Android-x86 4.3 and Android-x86 4.4

Android-x86Android, at the moment at least, runs primarily on devices with ARM based CPUs. The ARM CPU is a special low-power, high performance chip designed to run in devices rather than in desktop computers. However, like Linux, it isn’t restricted to only running on ARM chips. It can also run on MIPS (another type of  device centric chip) and on Intel x86 chips that are found in PCs.

Android-x86I am very proud to present you my new Android-x86 build for the Acer1000 series which is the first version of the Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) 4.0.3. release. This release is up to date with current development status of the repo and includes the gapps package.

Android-x86Android-x86 running 4.0.3 ICS on my PC.


Android-x86This blog is a collection of hands-on notes on building Android ICS 4 virtualbox installer for x86  from official Google x86 virtualbox target vbox-x86-eng (included in ICS 4.0 source)  and using a Linux 2.6 kernel provided by Intel to add specific feature for virtualbox and how to use installer.vdi to install Android ICS 4.0 into Virtualbox.

Android-x86Good news for fans of the project Android-x86 for which we have spoken a few times, just released RC1 version for everyone to try android ice cream sandwich on your laptop/notebook or computer. For those who do not know Android-x86, just say that this is a project for porting Android to PCs (x86).

Android-x86Some of you have asked how to dual-boot Android-X86 4.0 ICS (which uses GRUB legacy) with Ubuntu (GRUB 2), so here's how to do it, including a video showing all the required steps as well as installing Android-X86.

Android-x86Here I’ve discussed how to experiment with Android-x86 Ice Cream Sandwich using virtual machines. Two days ago the Android-x86 team has released RC1 of Android x86 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich). After a short test drive in Virtualbox two days ago, I took yesterday some time to test the new RC1 on Eee PC 701G and MSI Wind U 100 (live system and also SD card installation).

Android-x86[Demo] Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich Running On PC - Toshiba C660 - YouTube


Android-x86Android-x86 is a project that provides Android support for x86, making it easy to install it on netbooks or laptops. You can use it like any other Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device: install applications from the Android Market, add widgets and so on.

Android-x86The next step in Intel’s ambition to become a central player in the mobile ecosystem is dovetailing with mobile carrier Orange’s strategy to grow its line of own-brand smartphones.

Android-x86Boot Time: Android 2.3 vs Android 4.0 (android x86) vs Chrome OS on Netbook Asus Eee Pc 1005HA vs A9 - YouTube

Android-x86Opera is proud to unveil a labs build of Opera Mobile 12, for devices built on Intel x86 architectures, which has already been run successfully on top of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android-x86The mobile smartphone and tablet industry seems to have a very prominent divide, with a lot of consumers having their favorite operating system and choosing to stick to hardware which is powered by their chosen OS. Obviously fans of Apple's iOS use the iPhone and iPad devices, whereas Android lovers have a wide range of hardware to choose from due to the fact that the OS is available to multiple manufacturers.

Android-x86The Android-x86 project is glad to announce 4.0-RC1 release to public. This is a release candidate for Android-x86 4.0 stable release. Live CD ISOs are available from our sites, as usual

Android-x86If you want to play around with Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) but don’t have an Android phone or tablet, you can download the official Android SDK, or better yet, grab a preconfigured virtual machine that will run ICS in VirtualBox. Other than providing an interesting look at the primary competitor to iOS, virtual machines are useful for compatibility testing, and developers and designers should find some value in adding an Android VM alongside their Windows & Internet Explorer VM’s, giving this some practical use beyond the novelty factor.

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