Android-x86x86 support has been part of Android since 2011 and nowadays, as flagship products like the Dell Venue* 8 7840, Nokia* n1, Google Nexus* Player, and more than 200 other devices are based on Intel® architecture, it’s becoming more than important for middleware software providers to support x86 devices.

When choosing third-party middleware, companies look carefully at what CPU-architectures are supported, as the choice will have a direct impact on the compatibility of the final application, potentially making or breaking the deal.

In many cases supporting x86 is necessary. But note that it only makes sense for middleware that actually uses architecture-specific binaries (usually .so files packaged into the final APKs). It’s possible to check for the presence of .so files in an APK using a Zip archive viewer, aapt dump badging command, or Native Libs Monitor:

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