Android-x86The Android* Marshmallow (6.0) release incorporates new features and capabilities and a number of enhancements to the Android Runtime* (ART) that result in improved application performance. Starting with Marshmallow, Intel shifted virtual machine (VM) engineering focus toward improving the user experience (UX) by optimizing for representative end-user activities that are part of applications and scenarios that application developers and users care about the most.

This article describes a few of these optimizations and the corresponding infrastructure that Intel implemented in the Marshmallow Optimizing compiler. It also describes a set of optimizations that are available only in Intel's version of Android Marshmallow and talks about Intel's enhancements of a few optimizations available in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). These optimizations improve application performance and battery life on mobile devices. For a similar paper for the Lollipop release, see Intel Optimizations in the Android Compiler.

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