• Check out this $239 tablet that dual-boots Windows 10 and the Android-based Remix OS

    Android-x86Chuwi isn't exactly a brand with global recognition, but the Chinese firm has launched a wide range of Windows 10 devices in recent months. From the 8-inch Hi8 Pro to the Surface-like Hi12 tablet, Chuwi's range offers solid specs at remarkably low prices - and now, there's a new addition to its line-up.

  • How Android-x86 and Remix OS are Creating Better Android Tablets

    Android-x86It was not long ago that we discussed both Android tablets and the Pixel C, where we explored the shifts in hardware and software that the big-screen Android devices have been going through in accordance to the tablet market as a whole.

  • Jide releases Remix OS for 32-bit PCs (older notebooks, tablets, etc)

    Android-x86Remix OS is a version of Android designed to feel like a desktop operating system. In January the developers at Jide released an alpha version for PCs, allowing you to run Android apps and games on many computers… but only if they had 64-bit processors.

  • The "Console OS" is a scam which makes use of Android-x86 now. Please help to stop it.

    Android-x86Hi all, [CC this to Android-IA list since the guy continues lying on Android-IA list]  Honestly speaking, I really have no time to check what Christopher Price and his crappy Console OS did recently. But I'm getting more and more private requests to ask me to stop him from stealing the Android-x86 effort. So as the project leader of the Android-x86 project,

  • Is Console OS just a Scam Based on a Fork of Android-x86 with Little Modifications?

    Android-x86Console OS is supposed to be a version of Android Lollipop running on various Intel platforms, and optimized for desktop use with new features like DVR support for digital TV tuners, a desktop friendly file manager, and so on.

  • Asus ZenPad 8.0 Tablet Announced with 64-Bit Intel Atom CPU, 4GB RAM

    Android-x86Computex 2015 technology trade fair has just kicked off and at least two companies announced lots of products that will be launched on the market throughout the year, Acer and Asus. We have already reported about the newly announced Zenfone Selfie, a camera-oriented version of the Zenfone 2, but Asus also introduced a new lineup of tablets.

  • Teclast X70 3G: First tablet with Intel Atom x3

    Android-x86The Intel Atom processors are low-power chips designed for smartphones, tablets, and other small and relatively affordable devices. This year Intel is introducing several new members of the Atom family ranging from the reasonably powerful Atom x7 chips used in devices like the $499 Microsoft Surface 3, mid-range Atom x5 chips for devices that will sell for $349 or less, and x3 chips for entry-level devices.

  • After losing Apple's iPad business, Intel has bled $7 billion while heavily subsidizing cheap x86 Atom Android tablets

    Android-x86Over the last two years, Intel's mobile chip division has lost $7 billion while heavily subsidizing the manufacturing costs of Android Atom tablet makers. It now plans to phase out those generous incentives, which will make it more expensive for iPad competitors to dump cheap tablets into the market.

  • Android On Intel x86 Tablet Performance Explored

    Android-x86For the past few years, Intel has promised that its various low-power Atom-based processors would usher in a wave of low-cost Android and Windows mobile products that could compete with ARM-based solutions from its major competitors.

  • Asus MeMO Pad 7 (2014) Review: Android on x86

    Android-x86The small form factor tablet market is very crowded, with pretty much every manufacturer seeking to claim a slice of the pie through Android, Windows 8 and iOS offerings. Budget models are especially abundant, headed by the supremely popular and generally fantastic Google Nexus 7, which retails for around $215 a year on from its release.

  • x86 on Android: A quick look at Asus' Memo Pad ME176C tablet

    Android-x86Remember when people dismissed the iPad as a fad? It's just a big iPod Touch, they said. Who would want one of those? Quite a lot of folks, actually. The iPad touched off a revolution that has grown to truly epic proportions. 207 million tablets shipped last year, according to market research firm Gartner, and that total is expected to grow to 256 million in 2014. The following year, Gartner projects that tablet shipments will hit 321 million units and eclipse PCs for the first time.

  • Forked Android build targets dual-boot x86 laptops, tablets

    Android-x86A “Console OS” Kickstarter project is building an Android 4.4 fork for Intel CPUs on everything from PCs to tablets, complete with a dual-boot option. Intel is hoping to spur a new wave of dual-boot Android/Windows 2-and-1s and tablets with its Atom Z3000 and upcoming, newly announced Core M processors. So far, however, Android has yet to make much of dent in the PC market, either as a standalone or dual-boot OS.

  • Cheap Intel-based Android tablets get real

    Android-x86Toshiba tipped a $110 Android tablet using a quad-core Intel Atom, while Intel revealed plans to license Rockchip to make its own low-cost Atom-based SoCs.

  • Android on Intel Updated to 4.4.2, Available Now for the Dell XPS12 and Intel NUC

    Android-x86As you are undoubtedly aware, the vast majority of Android devices run on some variant of the ARM architecture. Despite this, Intel has been hard at work on the Android on Intel project. Intel’s efforts have resulted in the release of Android 4.4.2, which can be installed now on the Dell XPS12 and Intel NUC.

  • Acer Iconia A1-830 -- a budget Android tablet powered by Intel [Review]

    Android-x86Android tablets are often hit or miss. There are typically two types -- good quality and poor quality, with very few in between. Android purists will tell you to stick with the Nexus line, but restricting the pool of available tablets defeats the purpose of Android entirely -- choice and diversity. Instead, consumers should keep an open-mind to all manufacturers.

  • How to Install Android on Your Windows 8 Tablet

    windows8Windows 8 tablets are becoming more widely used, but the operating system – at least in its Modern mode – is light on the ground with particular apps. One way around this is to install Android on your tablet.

  • Acer Iconia A1-830 Tablet Launches with Intel Atom Processor, 7.9-Inch Screen

    Android-x86Acer has just started making its new Iconia W4 tablet available in markets across the world, but it appears the slate maker is readying another model for you, avid tableters. It’s an odd-looking tablet, with a rectangular design, but maybe those looking for something a little more different than the usual standard will take a liking to this, especially since its design features an aluminum metal back cover.

  • Developing Sensor Applications on Intel Atom Processor-Based Android Phones and Tablets

    Android-x86This guide provides application developers with an introduction to the Android Sensor framework and discusses how to use some of the sensors that are generally available on phones and tablets based on the Intel® Atom™ processor. Among those discussed are the motion, position, and environment sensors. Even though GPS is not strictly categorized as a sensor in the Android framework, this guide discusses GPS-based location services as well. The discussion in this guide is based on Android 4.2, Jelly Bean.

  • Ramos releases line of Intel-powered Android tablets

    Android-x86Chinese device maker Ramos has unveiled a new line of Android tablets, and for the first time the company is outfitting tablets with Intel processors. The new Ramos i-series tablets feature Intel Clover Trail+ processors, and they’re expected to launch in China this month for around $195 and up.

  • Intel announces Education Tablets -- powered by Android and Atom

    Android-x86Tablets allow students to leverage technology to improve learning. An iPad for instance, can offer a more immersible experience when compared to a paper textbook. While there are many educational based applications for Android and iOS, there hasn't been a serious education-focused tablet from a major manufacturer -- until now. Intel has announced a new line of Android-based tablets designed for learning.