Free ebook tackles Android on x86 - Intel and Apress have released a free 380-page ebook called “Android on x86: an Introduction to Optimizing for Intel Architecture.”

Is Google Thwarting Android-x86 Development? - One of the most challenging hurdles to porting Android code to work on x86 PCs and non-smartphone and tablet devices has been a lack of vendor support, including...

Android-x86 Just Might Make a Good Linux Desktop Alternative - Could it eventually replace a Microsoft Windows, a desktop Linux distribution or the Mac OS X? Maybe! A desktop or laptop running a more polished version of...

Android-x86As you are undoubtedly aware, the vast majority of Android devices run on some variant of the ARM architecture. Despite this, Intel has been hard at work on the Android on Intel project. Intel’s efforts have resulted in the release of Android 4.4.2, which can be installed now on the Dell XPS12 and Intel NUC.

Android-x86Android tablets are often hit or miss. There are typically two types -- good quality and poor quality, with very few in between. Android purists will tell you to stick with the Nexus line, but restricting the pool of available tablets defeats the purpose of Android entirely -- choice and diversity. Instead, consumers should keep an open-mind to all manufacturers.

windows8Windows 8 tablets are becoming more widely used, but the operating system – at least in its Modern mode – is light on the ground with particular apps. One way around this is to install Android on your tablet.

Android-x86Acer has just started making its new Iconia W4 tablet available in markets across the world, but it appears the slate maker is readying another model for you, avid tableters. It’s an odd-looking tablet, with a rectangular design, but maybe those looking for something a little more different than the usual standard will take a liking to this, especially since its design features an aluminum metal back cover.

Android-x86This guide provides application developers with an introduction to the Android Sensor framework and discusses how to use some of the sensors that are generally available on phones and tablets based on the Intel® Atom™ processor. Among those discussed are the motion, position, and environment sensors. Even though GPS is not strictly categorized as a sensor in the Android framework, this guide discusses GPS-based location services as well. The discussion in this guide is based on Android 4.2, Jelly Bean.

Android-x86Chinese device maker Ramos has unveiled a new line of Android tablets, and for the first time the company is outfitting tablets with Intel processors. The new Ramos i-series tablets feature Intel Clover Trail+ processors, and they’re expected to launch in China this month for around $195 and up.

Android-x86Tablets allow students to leverage technology to improve learning. An iPad for instance, can offer a more immersible experience when compared to a paper textbook. While there are many educational based applications for Android and iOS, there hasn't been a serious education-focused tablet from a major manufacturer -- until now. Intel has announced a new line of Android-based tablets designed for learning.

Android-x86The Acer Iconia W700 is a perfect blend of the tablet form factor and ultrabook specs. Sure, it’s a little heavier and chunkier than your average Android tablet, but that’s the price you pay for having the power of a full desktop OS like Windows 8 at your disposal. Well, at least it is if you want that experience out of the box. You could always take you’re existing Android tablet and use something like the Linux on Android Project.

Android-x86Unnamed sources have confirmed with Reuters that Samsung has decided to use Intel's 32 nm "Clover Trail+" Atom mobile chip for at least one version of its Galaxy Tab 3 10.1. The company is also reportedly unveiling new ATIV tablets using Intel chips at a June 20 event in London. Currently it's unknown if the Clover Trail-based Galaxy Tab 3 will be showcased at the same event.

Android-x86Asus appears to be testing a new MeMO Pad tablet with an x86 processor. This could be the first member of the company’s budget Android lineup to feature an Intel Atom processor instead of an ARM-based chip.

Android-x86A few days ago, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said that touchscreen-based products that will use the company's upcoming Bay Trail processor would be sold later this year and that they "are going to be down to as low as $200." Now there's word that those ultra-cheap touchscreen devices may be based not on Microsoft's Windows 8, as most assumed, but with Google's Android OS.

Android-x86Alright guys, this is the Surface Pro running Android-x86. It was something we all saw coming. Past 2 nights, I have been trying hard to get Android-x86 to run on my Surface Pro since I saw how amazing it ran on my desktop PC. If it would just boot, I could see just how great Android is on the Surface Pro. So I got it to boot, and it was just as great as I expected it to be.

Android-x86One of the first low-cost Android tablets with an Intel x86 processor was announced at Mobile World Congress, setting the stage for a long battle between the world's largest chip maker and ARM, whose processors go into most tablets today.

Android-x86If you are thinking of putting the latest Android* 4.2 Jelly Bean on  a laptop or PC currently running Linux, Windows, or Mac OS with working Internet connection, all you need is a 1GB or larger USB thumb drive and go to Intel's new Android on Intel Architecture Open Source site: 01.ORG. Currently,  there are Android Jellybean installer for generic IvyBridge system as well as target devices like: Acer Iconia W700, Lenovo X220t, Lenovo X230T, Samsung XE700T   available.

Android-x86Asus and Intel are reportedly teaming up to bring an entry-level x86 tablet to a lucrative mobile market currently dominated by ARM-powered devices.

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