Android-x86Android-x86 has been an open-source project for the past 7+ years for providing suitable Intel/AMD hardware support for Google's Android operating system. Unfortunately, its project leader may be stepping away. Chih-Wei Huang who co-founded the Android-x86 open-source project in 2009 may be parting ways with it.

In February of last year, Android-x86 teamed up with Remix OS' Jide, or more specifically Chih-Wei Huang began working for the company. Jide Technology is the company working on Remix OS as an Android operating systems for PCs and tablets.

But it turns out that Chih-Wei Huang left Jide at the end of last year. He wrote today on the Android-x86 list, "I have quit Jide in the end of 2016. Looking for a new job, I'm not sure if I still have time or energy to work for this project in the future. I'm even not sure if it worth to do it."

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