Android-x86The Android-x86 project is glad to announce the 7.1-rc2 release to public. This is the second release candidate for Android-x86 7.1 (nougat-x86). The prebuilt images are available in the following site:

The 7.1-rc2 release is based on the latest Android Nougat-MR2 release (7.1.2_r33). We have fixed several issues found in the since 7.1-rc1 and added more features:

  • Add Taskbar as an alternative launcher which puts a start menu and recent apps tray on top of your screen.
  • Enable freeform window mode support.
  • Enable SDCardFS support (not available in live mode).
  • Enable ForceDefaultOrientation on devices without known sensors. Now portrait apps can run in a landscape device without rotating the screen.
  • A new software renderer SwiftShader which provides better performance on devices without a supported GPU.
  • Improve QEMU virgl stability.
  • Support NVMe SSD.
  • Update to the latest LTS kernel 4.9.54 with more patches from AOSP.
  • Update Mesa to 17.1.10 with RGBA_8888 support on i965.
  • Improve the native bridge support (64-bit only). Enable it via Settings -> Apps Compatibility.


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