Android-x86The Android-x86 project is glad to announce 6.0-rc1 release to public. This is the first release candidate for Android-x86 6.0 (marshmallow-x86) stable release. The prebuilt images are available in the following site:

Android-x86Interview Which platform will the next billion people on the internet use? Is it more likely to be Microsoft’s Windows squeezed onto low-cost mobile hardware, or a mobile OS given some steroids? Three former Google executives are betting it's the latter.

Android-x86Deep dive Jide’s Remix OS is Android for a desktop or tablet OS: with multitasking, overlapping windows and the shortcut conveniences you need for productivity-style work. And the firmware tweaks to make it run well on x86 processors. I’ve seen what the next billion internet users will be running.

Android-x86To get the most out of the x86 platform there are a number of performance optimizations you can apply to your project that help to maximize performance. In this guide, we will show a variety of tools to use as well as features in the Unity* software that can help you enhance the performance of your Unity project. We will discuss how to handle items like texture quality, batching, culling, light baking, and HDR effects.

Android-x86The Android-x86-based Remix OS has just entered Beta, and a new version of this new Linux distribution has been made available.

Android-x86Remix OS is a desktop-style operating system built around Google Android. It lets you run virtually any Android app or game, but it provides a desktop, taskbar, and window manager that makes Google’s mobile operating system feel more like Windows and other desktop operating systems.

Android-x86It was not long ago that we discussed both Android tablets and the Pixel C, where we explored the shifts in hardware and software that the big-screen Android devices have been going through in accordance to the tablet market as a whole.

Android-x86Jide Technology, the makers of Remix OS, have just announced that the first Beta version of their operating system will be released on March 1, and it's packing a ton of new features.

Android-x86During CES 2016 in Las Vegas in January, Intel announced the Intel RealSense Smartphone Developer Kit (SDK), an Android device with embedded Intel® RealSense™ Camera ZR300 and supports Google* Project Tango* developer ecosystem. Currently the developer kit is open for reservation.  

Android-x86The leader of the Android-x86 project has just announced that he has entered a partnership with Jide Technology, the creators of the already famous Remix OS.

Android-x86In 2009, I started the Android-x86 Open Source Project as a passion project. I am a computer engineer, a software developer and this is what gets me up in the morning. However over time, I began to see that this project had much greater potential than I had first thought. We had laid the foundation to spread the use of Android to as many of the common x86 platforms in the world as possible.

Android-x86Jide has come a long way from an unknown Chinese startup to perhaps the champion of bringing Android to more than just smartphones and tablets. To be specific, to PC-like hardware at first and now, to actual PCs themselves. Jide released the alpha version of Remix OS for PCs last month, completely for free.

Android-x86After informing us of the availability of a new build for its popular AndEX Live CD distribution, Arne Exton today announced the release of a new build of its custom Android-x86 KitKat 4.4.4 Live CD.

Android-x86Softpedia received earlier an email from Arne Exton where he informs us that a new build of his AndEX Live CD is available for free for those who already purchased it to update.

Android-x86Intel® Tamper Protection Toolkit, which is currently in beta, is a product focusing on runtime code integrity verification and preventing observation and reverse-engineering for binaries running on Intel® architecture devices. The objective of this tool is to protect valuable assets such as intellectual property, crypto keys, and account credentials in the source code.